Dynamic Yoga Crosstraining Regimen
Yoga Crosstraining in Private - Semi-Private Sessions
· Avoid exploitation and gain real benefits from exercise
· Develop strong lean muscles and lose unnecessary weight
"Being Physically Weak is a Breeding Ground for Discouragement"
Turn back the hands of time in your physical exploits and appearance.
· Gain power in your body and your life
· Design your overall health in an anticipatory manner
· Sessions have no time limit (you complete the session assignment)
**Openings are extremely limited.
**Only 8 (total) clients accepted.
**Tire kickers need not apply.
No more coping with stress!

Coping is a cop out. The need is to transcend.
Shoulder Rehab Regimen
Heel Problem (plantar faciitis) Regimen
Sport Specific Fitness: golf - tennis - cycling - martial arts
Under Attack Self-Defense
In Gym - Weight Training *Plus
Begin Your Transformation
"In the center of life as you perceive it, you have to put yourself. You can make your journey and fix your situation. To work on yourself takes guts. Necessary physical work is only for those who are intelligent enough to step into action."
If you are a mature, intelligent, intuitive, up to the minute individual, male, or female, you may be inclined to act on this opportunity to step out ahead of the thundering herd.
If you are ready to act, so be it. You begin your transformation by sending an email indicating interest. Be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address.
"The Comprehensive Training Protocol for the 21st Century"
Regional / National / International Pro-Active SEMINARS
Corporate Inquiries Welcome
Requirements: Fee-Accomodations-Transportation

The Premiere of Future Physical Culture
Yoga by Ennis
Yoga Life Science Regimen
This is not puppy chow, it's raw meat!
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There are a multitude of health and fitness programs and trainers in the marketplace. And, we can get caught up in the distortion and hype of so many self-help experts and methods. Just look at the hucksters of some exercise and nutritional products and programs that abound today. We've all been hit on to buy the program or product that will make you a Hercules, give you beautiful abs, kick your butt 'til you've got the tightest glutes around, or whatever you want to become. It's getting harder and harder to wade through the morass of hype and key in on the latest scientific evidence, and what are the best choices for each individual. HLE is a physical culture intuitive in specialized movements relative to individual performance.
Most ads and infomercials hyping products, programs, and diets is marketing propaganda. Don't fall for these pie in the sky programs. Most of these people sell junk through false advertising. And, there are almost as many different certification programs and standards as there are personal trainers. Their education, attitudes, opinions, and experience vary. And, surprisingly, many with years of experience are still using outdated, and in many instances, harmful practices. It is time to discard the general unintegrated standards of today's modalities.
Yoga by Ennis is all-encompassing. And it provides definitive nutrition information with 'up to the minute' scientific research.
It offers an infinite number of interchangeable routines for different angles of attack relative to exercise. Plus a plethora of other techniques, all designed and formatted for your individual needs and capability. Plus the techniques to align the energetic properties of the subtle bodies.
Sessions can be done in a 8' X 8' space for each individual. No accessories needed for these comprehensive sessions. Don't let this deceive you. The intensity that can be brought to bear in these sessions can humble a hardcore, traditional physical culturist. But, generally we are looking for balance. You need to be intelligent, and balance your physical expenditures according to your lifestyle. Note: If you want to train with accouterments such as weights or cables, I've worked with gym rats for decades, and am ahead of the curve in a number of scientific training modalities.
These sessions are recommended for anyone over 16, but especially for those over 40, as certain changes have taken place due to gravity, aging, and other lifesyle factors to be taken into account. Turn back the hands of time in your physical exploits.
Why chase the rainbow haphazardly by looking at all the numerous sub-par methods, and spend great amounts of time and money in experimentation, and still be confused, disappointed, cheated, and given the bum's rush. We can all step out of the shadows and gain the understanding that will allow us to approach life with clear and absolute capability. The path of success and access in every area, including health and fitness, is available to each of us in an instant. All one has to do is choose it!
Most people operate on the start and stop method of health and fitness. Your continuing desire to succeed in health and fitness is your willpower letting you know that it wants to go into action. All you need is proper knowledge, and a little assistance.
The hardest part of coming into your own in health and fitness is maintaining discipline. This has become a lost art. This is an area where the Yoga Crosstraining method should be of great help. The goal is not to string things out in order to keep up the cash flow of the sessions, but to give you knowledge, understanding, and superior results that you can carry forth on your own in a paticular period of time. You will be in charge because you now have exact knowledge, and you will take charge because you now have the initiative of a sustained will. It will forge in you an innate discipline that will become an indispensible part of your life.
Private sessions are $45. Private group session (2-4 clients) is $35 per client. A limit of four clients per group session is adhered to. A schedule of 2 sessions per week is suggested. Assignments for 'between session' days are given to be done by personal initiative. Intent and full participation will allow one to attain the basic knowledge and habitual proficiency that will last a lifetime. I come to you, whether it be hotel, home, office, gym, or other locale.
Is this expensive? No! Wasting your time and health on derelict training programs, and not knowing what you are doing from day to day is expensive. This is not just a physical training class, it also presents invaluable information on the science of life.
Why pay for a gym membership, and/or pay someone to watch you do some bench presses and arm curls, plus the hundred dollar a month package of unwarranted supplements? Why jepordize your musculature and pile on free radicals in an aerobics or cardio class? Why misalign your bodily structure with inappropriate weight resistance methods. Why be mis-informed, strung along, and given much less than what is available? Circumvent the dead-end trails. Compare the limited knowledge, results quality, and fee of other programs, and conclude that there is no contest. For a real improvement in health and fitness, a multi-faceted approach is necessary.
There is a paradigm shift coming. Images and notions thought to be set in stone are changing. Are you centered and grounded in your own being? Or, are you susceptible to what the masses are doing. If you haven't noticed lately, the masses are fat, sick and out of shape. Many of us claim that society is to blame for all our misfortune. But society is made up of individuals. In truth, no one is responsible for your predicament but you. It is possible to consciously create the circumstances in your life. Cut to the chase and get the results you deserve in health and fitness .
Optional or Inclusive Extra-Curricular Sessions
Yoga in N. Myrtle Beach - Yoga in Myrtle Beach - Yoga Grand Strand, SC
Yoga Crosstraining Regimen weekly training sessions for individuals or small groups located in this area would include Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, and the general Grand Strand area. E-mail your interest and needs. Include your phone number for 'call back consultation' regarding arrangements. If you live outside this area, in a location anywhere inside the continental United States, you may e-mail for alternative measures:
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Personal Trainer in N. Myrtle Beach-Myrtle Beach-Grand Strand SC
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Take some sessions to energize and stay up to par in your fitness program while visiting the Grand Strand area of South Carolina.
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HLE personal training in format form is an applied science of life regimen for
individual, group, or seminar sessions. It is an all-encompassing approach to the
health of body, mind, and emotions. Provides a synergistic grouping of knowledge
and practical application for these three factors in a tight knit, all-inclusive regimen.

Each session includes pro-active inner work techniques designed to align the subtle
energetics and raise the overall level of health, along with interactive cross training
sequences of power yoga / dynamic yoga, anaerobic / aerobic (HI) exercise, hardcore bodyweight segments, breath work, aura strengthening protocols, and particular ordained routines that provide for your highest absolute peak exercise capability!
Unparalleled in its efficiency and effectiveness.
Harrison Langdon Ennis
Body has Hidden Significance
Intuitive Yoga Crosstraining
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The quicker you figure out that the information you hear or read about relative to physique building and diet cults is just a hyped sales pitch, the sooner you can get positive control of your life. Disciplined, personal training that discards the outdated, often harmful, un-integrated standards of current physical training modalities is needed. The Yoga by Ennis Regimen™ will logically produce a superior degree of actual health and fitness.
Cardio and Aerobics are a waste of time, and will wreak havoc with your health.
Conventional approach to resistance (weight) training can be problematic.
Cardio and Aerobics have an
Adverse Effect on the Body
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